A friend of mine recently starting working with the house committee on Science, Space and Technology. When she told me I immediately imagined a future where she would be a part of a cool secret think tank whose purpose it was to develop awesome new technologies that would assist humanity in our quest to understand the cosmos. In this made up reality I envisioned her leading groups of biologists and climatologists to the surface of Mars to see the state of our next door neighbor with observational and intuitive skills that are the hallmark of our species. I want to believe that what her team will discover will forever change how we Earth humans understand ourselves in this great cosmic game.

Truth be told I have no idea what the job entails. For all I know she could be working on something super mundane like categorizing galaxies based on their geometries or looking at ┬áNASA photos for iron oxide composition. All the PhD’s out there know that data analysis can be one of the most mind-numbing tasks at times but hey every dream has got to start somewhere!

When I first heard her speak about the possibility of getting this super futuristic position I had this extreme urge to know more about the subjects that had recently made a bid for my friends future. So I began researching and compiling an understanding of the current states of our physics and astrophysics. We live in a weird-ass, beautiful cosmos and with this blog I intend to share with the readers my newfound interest in these bodies of knowledge ( and in the process consolidate my own understanding.) My interests are quite diverse! and every now and then I plan to write about advances and discoveries in many other other ares of natural philosophy besides physics and astrophysics. Let the journey begin


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